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About Verana Cosmetics

Verana produces natural cosmetics that interact with the skin according to the laws of nature.

Every Verana product is designed with one goal in mind - to bring maximum benefit to the skin.

In the production of cosmetics, Verana uses unique natural ingredients and vegetable oils of only the first pressing.

Essential oils, plant extracts and other ingredients that grow only in ecologically clean places on our planet are used in the production of cosmetics.

Verana Cosmetics is an effective tool for cleansing, restoring and rejuvenating the skin, fighting cellulite, as well as skin aging.

The ingredients for each product are selected in such a way that they complement each other and fully show all their beneficial properties.

Verana products are made with natural and organic ingredients, free of toxins and parabens, and are never tested on animals.

Verana products are created for professional and home use.

Verana's mission
We are using the energy of nature to create natural cosmetics that can preserve the beauty of each person throughout their life.